STONE Brewing Coffee Black Label Collection Ethiopia Bekele Belachew Lot #2 Single Origin Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee 10oz

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We scout the globe to source the highest quality micro lot coffees then meticulously roast them in small batches in Southern California. We partner with some of the most highly skilled coffee farmers on the planet to bring you a truly unique and unforgettable coffee experience.

Experience the authenticity of Ethiopian coffee with our Ethiopia Bekele Belachew Murago Lot #2. Grown in the Sidama highlands at altitudes between 2,260 to 2,360 meters, this coffee comes from Bekele Belachew's 6-hectare family farm. Adhering to traditional practices, the coffee is handpicked and naturally sun-dried, preserving the inherent flavors of the land.

The varietals involved are 74110, 74112, and Heirloom. The 74110 and 74112 varieties were developed in the 1970s at the Jimma Agricultural Research Center selected for their resilience, strength, and resistance to coffee berry disease. These varieties, originating from the Metu-Bishari forest, were cataloged in 1974 and released in 1979 for their ability to thrive in their native climate. The Heirloom varietal is a traditional Ethiopian coffee varietal known for its unique and complex flavor profile.

The tasting notes bring a blend of fresh berries and black tea, complemented by a splash of cream and a dash of sugar. This coffee not only provides a rich taste but also a glimpse into the Ethiopian coffee tradition, mainly showcasing the lively characteristics of these remarkable varietals. Each sip delivers an exceptional experience that is juicy, balanced, and truly showcases the diligence and hard work of the brilliant mind behind the coffee-- Bekele Belachew.

PLEASE NOTE - For subscriptions, Black Label coffee blends will switch blends frequently. Coffee blends are subject to change.