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Green Coffee Buying Philosophy and Process

Stone Brewing Coffee aims to provide high-quality coffee with a passion for sustainability and social responsibility. That's why we source our Black Label beans from organic and fair-trade farms from around the world and roast them in small batches to preserve their freshness and flavor. Stone Brewing Coffee believes that coffee is more than just a drink; it is a way of life that connects people and cultures. The company's mission is to share its love of coffee with its customers and positively impact the environment and the communities it serves.

How We Source Coffee:

We directly engage with producers, moving away from the traditional commodity market. This allows us to establish a 'thriving rate' for coffee, ensuring fair and sustainable compensation. Our commitment to our values, relationship-building, and stringent quality control leads us to source rare and elite coffee lots

Building Relationships with Producers:

Our sourcing strategy is deeply rooted in the relationships we build with producers, their families, and communities. These relationships are based on trust, mutual respect, and a shared commitment to quality and sustainability. We invest time in understanding the challenges and aspirations of our producers, fostering long-term partnerships that go beyond transactional interactions. This approach has enabled us to access some of the most prized coffees in the world and has been instrumental in creating a network of producers who are as passionate about quality and sustainability as we are.

Sustainability and Fair Trade Practices:

Sustainability is a cornerstone of our sourcing philosophy. We ensure that all our coffees adhere to responsible and sustainable farming practices, verified through farm visits or documentation from our import partners. These practices include regenerative agriculture, water conservation, minimizing the use of synthetic inputs, and promoting biodiversity. We also focus on soil management techniques and innovative methods to prevent soil erosion. Our green prices consistently exceed Fair Trade prices and are, on average, ensuring price transparency and fairness throughout the supply chain.

The Process: Months Before Coffee Arrives at Stone Brewing Coffee

8-12 Months:

Relationship building begins, sometimes involving in-person meetings with producers in remote locations like Colombian.

6-8 Months:

Producers send us about 100g of coffee. It is a small amount (100g of coffee is weighs the same as the amount of sugar (~95g) in 2 Colas.

4-6 Months:

We roast the coffee (only one chance as we can’t roast less than 100g). Once we roast the coffee, we do two cuppings(tastings) to assess quality

4-5 Months:

We need an export and import partner to help us get the coffee from the farm to our roastery! We have three great partners .

2-4 Months:

We get either an arrival sample or a departing sample to roast, cup and approve. Once again, a small amount, and there is no turning back after this!

1-2 Weeks:

The coffee has cleared customs and is warehoused with our partner, and we are ready to have the coffee hit the road to San Diego

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  • Producer: Ruben Vega
  • Farm: Granja Don Rubén
  • Nano Lot: 003
  • Variety: Geisha
  • Processing:Washed
  • Altitude: 1300 MASL
  • Origin: Chiriquí, Boquete, Panama
  • Farm Size: Three Hectares
  • Tasting Notes: Earl Grey Tea, Orange, Biscoff (Speculoos)

Delicately balanced and pristine, this Panama Geisha stands out as an exceptional washed coffee variety. It introduces itself with a harmonious blend of citrus and bergamot orange, transitioning to a tea-like mouthfeel. The unexpected Biscoff aftertaste lingers, tempting the palate and inviting the next sip. Both approachable and extraordinary, this renowned varietal thrives under Ruben Vega's care in the lush three-hectare farm nestled within Panama's Boquete region. While Ruben represents the vibrancy of young producers, Granja Don Rubén boasts a legacy that spans generations. This dynamic combination exemplifies how the younger generation is elevating the coffee industry.


  • Producer: Bekele Belachew
  • Farm: Bekele Belachew's Family Farm
  • Origin: Sagara Village, Bensa District, Sidama, Ethiopia
  • Variety: 74110, 74112, and Heirloom
  • Processing: Natural
  • Altitude: 2300 MASL
  • Farm Size: Six Hectares
  • Roast:Medium

Experience the authenticity of Ethiopian coffee with our Ethiopia Bekele Belachew Murago Lot #2. Grown in the Sidama highlands at altitudes between 2,260 to 2,360 meters, this coffee comes from Bekele Belachew's 6-hectare family farm. Adhering to traditional practices, the coffee is handpicked and naturally sun-dried, preserving the inherent flavors of the land.The varietals involved are 74110, 74112, and Heirloom. The 74110 and 74112 varieties were developed in the 1970s at the Jimma Agricultural Research Center, selected for their resilience, strength, and resistance to coffee berry disease. These varieties, originating from the Metu-Bishari forest, were cataloged in 1974 and released in 1979 for their ability to thrive in their native climate. The Heirloom varietal is a traditional Ethiopian coffee varietal known for its unique and complex flavor profile. The tasting notes bring forward a blend of fresh berries and black tea, complemented by a splash of cream and a dash of sugar. This coffee not only provides a rich taste but also a glimpse into the Ethiopian coffee tradition, particularly showcasing the lively characteristics of these remarkable varietals. Each sip delivers an exceptional and unique experience that is juicy, balanced, and truly showcases the diligence and hard work of the brilliant mind behind the coffee-- Bekele Belachew.