What makes this workday question simple to answer? Stone Buenaveza!

What makes this workday question simple to answer? Stone Buenaveza!

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Drinking vibrant Stone Buenaveza Coffee is an easy choice to make.

The workday is already feeling like an endless whirlwind of decision-making. It started with filling out the kids’ permission slips before school. Then, the morning segued into a never-ending carousel of queries from the boss about the upcoming product launch.

It is only 9:00am and you are already daydreaming about the weekend. The weekend seems to fly by at twice the speed of the workweek. As you ponder where to find the motivation to tackle the next demands of the day, a voice chimes through the fog of your thoughts.

“Want to try this new coffee I brought?”

You look up to see your colleague peeking over the cube wall. In their hand is a multi-colored box sporting a Calavera skull design.

It’s a box of Stone Buenaveza Coffee brew bags from Stone Brewing Coffee.

You brighten like a ray of sunshine. Not only are you thrilled at the question, you can’t wait to taste a coffee inspired by one of your favorite beers, Stone Buenaveza Salt & Lime Lager.

A clear “Yes!’ escapes your lips.

As the convenient coffee brewing bag infuses in your mug in the breakroom, you take a moment to smell the coffee’s stimulating aroma. Once ready, you take a sip. The flavor of delicious coffee with nutty chocolatey notes and a light touch of citrus enlivens you.

The delight of camaraderie enters your consciousness as your colleague starts to chat about the impending product launch.

Suddenly, you’re reinvigorated to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Through collaboration a “Buena” thing is possible 

The name Buenaveza comes from “Buena” for good and “-veza” from cerveza because at Stone Brewing, good cerveza is an important part of a buena life. Being founded in San Diego County, Stone Brewing has always enjoyed the shared influence from its southern neighbors.

The same concept of a buena life overlaps into Stone Brewing Coffee’s line of specialty coffee products, which are created in collaboration with great coffee producers and local technology partners.

  • First, we source the best coffee blends. Stone Buenaveza Coffee starts from a blend of shade-grown arabica coffee from southern neighboring coffee growers in Chiapas Mexico.
  • Next, we partner locally with NuZee Coffee, Inc., a leading coffee co-packing and technology company, to bring you innovative ways to enjoy Stone Brewing Coffee like Stone Buenaveza Coffee’s individual use brew bag. See “How to enjoy” for other ways to partake in your coffee experience.
  • Finally, we are excited to expand availability to Stone Buenaveza Coffee and our other specialty coffee products nationwide. Keep an eye out for K-Cup® Compatible Coffee Portion Packs coming to stores near you in 2024.

Fans of Stone Brewing should know that adding our specialty coffees into their daily routine will bring the same quality, intention, and passion that we craft into our beers.

With Stone Buenaveza Coffee, each sip of this bright, vibrant coffee is a taste of the good life.

How to enjoy

People who love coffee find multiple ways to brew a perfect cup. That’s why we offer three ways to start the day with Stone Buenaveza Coffee.

  • Whole beans – Coffee lovers who relish the journey from bean to cup can grind their own Stone Buenaveza Coffee for precise control over freshness and flavor.
  • Pre-ground – Don’t have time to grind? We have ground Stone Buenaveza Coffee ready to pour into your coffee filter to quick start your brewing process.
  • Brew bags – If you have even less time, Stone Buenaveza Coffee comes in single serve brew bags filters, which are 100% industrial compostable. The brew bag filters are the most convenient way to enjoy your coffee anywhere when you are on the go.

 I want to make my coffee break beuno with Stone Buenaveza Coffee!