The History of Using Coffee in Beer

The History of Using Coffee in Beer

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Coffee and beer are two of the most popular beverages in the world. In fact, for hundreds of millions of people, coffee and/or beer is an integral part of their lives and routine.

The powerful energy benefits of coffee are one of the main reasons why 7 in 10 Americans drink coffee every week and 62% drink it every day. The popularity of beer is similar to the popularity of coffee. Roughly 63% of Americans consume alcoholic beverages and amongst the alcohol-consuming Americans, beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage.

Unlike coffee, beer is not valued for its ability to make one feel more energized and focused, instead, it is valued for its ability to temporarily make one feel more relaxed, less inhibited, less anxious, and happier.

But, while both of these beverages are celebrated in many countries around the globe and have their own unique histories, coffee and beer actually also have a rich history of being served together as one beverage.

The Invention of Coffee Beer

Throughout the 1900s, coffee started appearing in different alcoholic beverages. For example, the Irish coffee, which features coffee, brown sugar, whiskey, and lightly whipped cream was said to be invented in 1943.

Although the 1900s were a glorious century for coffee and alcoholic beverage innovation, it wasn’t until the last ten years of this magical century that “coffee beer” really hit the scene. “Coffee beer” is the name of the beverage that contains both coffee and beer and it is an absolutely ingenious invention.

The first coffee beers to become available on the market were released in the 1990s. As any coffee or beer enthusiast might have predicted, coffee beers were a hit! Ever since they were launched, coffee beers have been steadily rising in popularity. Throughout America and many other countries, coffee beers slowly started creating high-quality and delicious coffee beers to delight their customers.

However, it wasn’t just craft beer companies who jumped on the coffee beer bandwagon; some of the biggest beer companies in the world have started creating their own versions of coffee beer. This helped the popularity of coffee beers to increase even further.

The Future of the Coffee Beer Industry

The coffee beer industry is still emerging, so there are not as many forecasts about market growth as there are for beer, coffee, or other beverages that have been popular for centuries. But, the recent entrance of large players into the market is a strong indicator that the market is poised for growth.

Many of the new coffee beers that have emerged on the market lately are highly innovative and have been generating ample sales. This is a sign that demand for coffee beer could increase in the near future.

Why Mixing Coffee and Beer Makes Perfect Sense

Coffee and beer are both incredible and delicious beverages in their own right. But it is only recently that humanity has discovered the true potential of mixing these two beers together. It is shocking that it has taken us this long as a civilization to unlock this astonishing elixir. But, better late than never!

It makes a lot of practical sense why coffee and beer would go well together. Their tastes are compatible, and many like the flavor that comes with combing alcohol and caffeine.

Furthermore, coffee brewing and beer making are both done in a similar way. They both involve taking natural ingredients (beans, barley, hops, etc.), adding them to water, and putting them through a brewing process. Although the processes of brewing beer and brewing coffee involve a number of key differences, the overall process is not all that different. Many coffee brewers and beer brewers share a similar passion and skill set that they apply to their brewing methods when creating their beverages in order to generate excellent results.


For centuries, coffee and beer have existed as celebrated beverages in many cultures around the world. While both of these beverages are fantastic by themselves, one could argue that they are even better when mixed together!

The world is at the precipice of a new beverage frontier. Coffee beer has limitless potential as a beverage category, and the world is only just starting to understand the quality of this drink.

Right now, many brewing companies from small craft breweries to large industry players are experimenting with coffee beer and are releasing new products to the market. If you have never tried coffee beer before, then consider trying it. You might be blown away by its quality!