Stone Brewing Coffee’s Black Label Collection – Go beyond ordinary with the exceptional

Stone Brewing Coffee’s Black Label Collection – Go beyond ordinary with the exceptional

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Time for your special mug


Standing up on your tiptoes you reach for that special coffee mug you use on Saturday mornings when you have a moment to treat yourself.

The house is quiet because everyone else is still sleeping. Instead of making a ruckus with the coffee grinder, you proceed to put on the electric kettle.

Walking into the pantry, your hand settles on an oblong box you stashed behind the cereal a couple of days ago.

You couldn’t resist buying Stone Brewing Coffee’s new Black Label Collection Coffee. As the coffee connoisseur in the family, you had heard about the pour over DRIPKIT format, but this was going to be the first time trying it. 

The limited release micro lot of coffee in the box you bought is an Ethiopia Bekele Belachew Murago Lot #2. The coffee, grown in the Sidama highlands of Ethiopia on a small family farm, promises to be a singular experience.

You hear the click of the boiling kettle. Opening the DRIPKIT, you find it fits easily on top of your mug. As you pour water over the grounds, a coffee aroma with bright notes of berries hits your nose.

It only takes a couple of minutes to wait between pour overs before your cup of coffee is ready. After adding a small spoonful of sugar and a touch of cream, you take the first sip.

The taste is balanced and rich with no bitterness, deliciously exceptional.

Make that special cup brewed to perfection

With its Black Label Collection, Stone Brewing Coffee delivers a specialty coffee experience to satisfy all coffee enthusiasts who respect the craft of coffee farming and sustainability.

Each limited release from this collection is deliberately scouted from the highest quality micro lot coffee producers from around the world then meticulously roasted in Southern California to make each small batch.

Take our first release, Panama Geisha, procured from the lush three-hectare farm of Ruben Vega nestled within Panama's Boquete region; this coffee is an exceptional washed coffee variety.

Each sip of Panama Geisha introduces itself with a harmonious blend of citrus and bergamot orange with an unexpected Biscoff aftertaste.

This limited release is just one example of how a Black Label Collection coffee can tempt the palate and invite another sip.

But, remember each micro batch offered is only available in limited quantities, so make sure to buy these quickly as soon as they’re released.

How to enjoy

People who love coffee find multiple ways to brew a perfect cup. That’s why we offer two ways to start the day with Stone Brewing Coffee Black Label Collection.

  • Whole beans – Coffee lovers who relish the journey from bean to cup can grind their own Stone Brewing Coffee Black Label Collection Coffee for precise control over freshness and flavor.
  • DRIPKIT packs– By brewing one cup at a time, this just-add-water format enables consumers to brew the perfect cup of Black Label Collection Coffee in two minutes. Each pack produces a 10oz cup of coffee, using 17g of roasted and ground coffee without the prep or cleanup of a traditional pour over.

Not sure that your current brewing routine is giving you the coffee experience you seek? Check out our brew guide to get step-by-step specifics on a variety of coffee brewing techniques.

I want to enjoy a barista coffee experience with Stone Brewing Coffee Black Label Collection!